Wolfgang Tillmans’s Photos

Woldgang Tillmans, Freischwimmer 26, 2003

Wolfgang Tillmans, Freischwimmer 26, 2003
Source: Wikimedia Commons [no higher-res image available]

On March 6 at Christie’s contemporary art auction in London, Wolfgang Tillmans sold his cameraless photo Freischwimmer 186 (2011) for £269,000 (approx. $329,000). It’s a marvelous piece of work. You can see it on artnet.

For more on the German-born, London-based fine-art photographer, winner of the Turner Prize in 2000, see his gallery on artnet and a collection of articles put together by Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York.


3 thoughts on “Wolfgang Tillmans’s Photos

  1. Mira Tudor, Thank you for the links and the share. Does Tillmans explain what prompted his Freischwimmer series? He employs color daintily in some, dramatically in others. I love the blues and blacks in number 186.

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  2. He talks about his interest in astronomy and how abstraction exists in nature as well, not only in art. He also mentions the pleasure of handling photographic paper 🙂 and exposing it to light tools.


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