PAL, Serialized

I have decided to serialize my first novel, PAL (Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel, self-published in 2017), here on this blog.

P.S. I posted the various installments every Saturday and Wednesday for about eight weeks. I have since taken the posts down. I hope you’ve enjoyed the experience of reading the novel—or parts of it—this way.

If you missed these installments and wish to read PAL, here you have a description and all the Amazon links for the various countries.

Please note that PAL is the first in a planned trilogy but can be read as a standalone novel as well. Enjoy!

#1 (“Nice meeting you, Ela”), posted on July 11, 2021

#2 (“That was cute, you fighting with me . . .”), July 14

#3 (You could humor me and play some piano), July 17

#4: (“Anca soaked it all in, feeling, in turns, entranced, excited, and achingly happy”), July 21

#5 (“We sometimes need sadness in order to tease away sadness”), July 25

#6 (“I didn’t want an artist. I wanted Henriette”), July 28

#7 (“I only have baked potatoes and tea”), July 31

#8 (“I’m too old to play games, Phil”), August 4

#9 (“You hurt people, Pamfil”), August 7

#10 (“I don’t compare people. Comparisons are odious”), August 11

#11 (“I knew you’d go to the concert”), August 14

#12 (“as if it [the snow] were sprinkled with diamond dust”), August 18

#13 (“Pretty excited about the cherries this evening”), August 21

#14 (“Be creative with your life”), August 25

#15 (“Two candles burned on the sink”), August 28

#16 (“And what exactly do you love now?”), September 1

#17 (“I missed my beautiful friend”), September 4

#18 (“Happiness and health. Almost as hard to find as happiness and virtue”), September 8

#19 (“Oh, Phil and his ‘I’m so young’ performances”), September 11

#20 (“Not a moderate man, are you, Vlad?”), September 15

#21 (“. . . she, too, was very confused about how to handle getting older”), September 18

#22 (“We met at the beach . . .”), September 22

#23 (“Let’s go to Sinaia before I leave for Paris”), September 25

#24 (“What about you, what’s your favorite pleasure?”), September 29

#25 (“I’ve been meaning to hear from you”), October 2

#26 (“Do you know her?”), October 6