Photomontages, Matthew Chase-Daniel

I wrote something a few days ago about Santiago Sierra’s 396 Women. The House of the People. Bucharest, Romania. October of 2005, which I saw in July 2011 at the Contemporary Art Center in Málaga, Spain, and, as I often do, I went to Google afterward looking up photomontages of different kinds, in particular that species where a scene is composed through various details observed at different moments; where photography becomes a conduit akin to writing, the artist’s and viewer’s gaze dwelling on particular details as they move through a landscape.

Here are some of my favorite examples, courtesy of the artist Matthew Chase-Daniel. Notice how in Panamint Valley, California his gaze runs back and forth. Wonderful! Just as precious are the others, where the focus is calibrated within a smaller range, but with just enough difference from shot to shot to suggest the presence of the artist adjusting his presence to that of the fields of vision he’s in.

To see more photomontages by Chase-Daniel and his explorations in other media, visit his website.

white sands_new mexico_21 in x 40 in_2007
White Sands, New Mexico, 2007. 21″ x 40″
grand mesa, colorado_43 in x 32 in_2009_matthew chase-daniel
Grand Mesa, Colorado, 2009. 43″ x 32″
trinity site_new mexico_21 in x 44 in _2008
Trinity Site, New Mexico, 2008. 21″ x 44″
panamint valley, california_18 in x 44 in_2005
Panamint Valley, California, 2005. 18″ x 44″
tres piedras_new mexico_2009_matthew chase-daniel
Tres Piedras, New Mexico, 2009