Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel

My book Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel is now available on Amazon.

PAL is a fast-paced yet poignant character-driven novel riding waves of romanticism, drama, and wit in a manner reminiscent in parts of David Nicholls’s books (One Day)—and set in the exciting world of several vibrant Romanian artists and musicians.

Henriette, an accomplished sculptor, seems to find more joy in her feminist-inspired work and her piano playing than in the people who care about her. Ela, a piano teacher turned book reviewer, hopes to discover the key to happiness and a more meaningful life through studying the workings of the mind and crafting poems about emotions she trusts will lead her to a better place. Joining them in beauty and blindness is Pamfil, a violinist who dabbles as a singer and lives mostly for the moment and his monthly parties. As they follow their passions, they find themselves on treacherous journeys to love and happiness, and are slow to figure out how to best tackle their predicaments. Fortunately, their lovers and friends are there to help . . . but then a newcomer complicates things.

Here’s what readers are saying about it:

Poets, Artists, Lovers. You can just tell by the title that this is going to be a whirlwind of a book, and it did not disappoint. —Brittany Hood (brittanyspages.wordpress.com)

I felt I’d had a virtual trip to Romania and am now ready to take one live! An inquisitive and personal literary bouquet. —Mari Calson (marisbookreviews.wordpress.com)

Read it if you like characters who love art, messy relationships and believable characters struggling to find their places in the world. —Emma Raper (thebookhamlet.wordpress.com)

This book felt like a philosophical version of “Friends”—just with more characters. Annika Stanger (anniwriteswords.wordpress.com)

PAL was an interesting read in more ways than one. I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys poetry, art, and love. —Tara Sepulveda (tarasbooks.wordpress.com)

Poets, Artists, Lovers is only $2.99 on Amazon US! Enjoy!

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