Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel

My Kindle Scout campaign for Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel started on June 22 and will last 30 days! Your vote would mean a lot—and you will get a free copy of my novel after the campaign ends if my book is selected.

PAL is a fast-paced yet highly observant character-driven book riding waves of romanticism, drama, and wit, in the manner of David Nicholls’s works (One Day)—and set in the exciting world of several vibrant Romanian artists and musicians, whose beauty and blindness leads them on treacherous journeys to love and happiness.

PAL tells the story of Henriette, an accomplished sculptor who seems to find more joy in her feminist-inspired work and her piano playing than in the people who care about her; Ela, a piano teacher who changes careers hoping to discover the key to happiness through studying the workings of the mind and crafting poems about the arc of her depression; and Pamfil, a violinist who lives mostly for the moment and his monthly parties. PAL is also centered on the friendships which ultimately save these people.

There’s an excerpt on the Kindle Scout website! Enjoy!