Watercolors by Ioana Nicoara

IMG_20171128_145835_ioana nicoara_annart_bucharestIMG_20171128_145818_sm_ioana nicoara_annart_bucharestIMG_20171128_145840_sm_ioana nicoara_annart_bucharest

Watercolors by Ioana Nicoara, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest, November 2017

Upon seeing them, I had the sense right away that they visualize inner life. Inner life of the cells, or, barring that (we think of cells as contained and never quite imagine them at further microscopic levels), the life of our emotions permeating us like breaths or whooshing over us, coming together with neurons that fire sparks of thought—and cells responding to all that energy, electric . . .

2 thoughts on “Watercolors by Ioana Nicoara

  1. Mira Tudor, Are there more than three in the series? Does the series overall, or do each individual watercolor, have titles? I like the light blue that emerges in the first watercolor and then re-appears bigger, brighter and stronger in the third.

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  2. The watercolors didn’t have titles, either individually or as series.

    Also, that bright metallic blue, while quite interesting, seems to be a light effect (I checked). Sometimes when I get photos I get such curious optical artifacts 🙂

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