Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel, A Charming Review by Mari Carlson

A charming review of PAL, the first review to come in from a book blogger 🙂

Mari's Book Reviews

At monthly parties hosted by a violinist at his cottage in Bucharest, new and long-time friends bond over whiskey, cherry dishes, sixties music, and maybe even a strip tease. Through a series of such colorful gatherings, and more intimate ones in between, we get to know Henriette, a sculptress, her sister Alice, a writer, Haralambie, Henriette’s lover and writer, Pamfil, the violinist and Don Juan to many of these women friends, Ela, a depressed piano teacher turned book reviewer, George, her stalwart boyfriend and mathematician, Anca, a poet and translator, Marcel her French teaching boyfriend, Vlad a trainer, Daria, a graphic designer and recipient of Vlad’s health wisdom, and Maria, an old friend of Anca’s, now a market researcher and newcomer to Pamfil’s parties. Mira Tudor fills in their back stories with memories from the past: trips to the beach and other cities. Together, past and present reveal character traits…

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2 thoughts on “Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel, A Charming Review by Mari Carlson

  1. Mira Tudor, I’m a purchaser of your PALS novel so it’s super-interesting to read reviews. It’s too bad that Amazon has stopped hosting that novel competition that so many NaNoWriMo participants prepared for. The last one permitted submissions of previously published works, with restrictions. Your Poets, Authors, Lovers would have won hands down, in my opinion!

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  2. Thank you, Derdriu! I appreciate your kind words, but it’s hard to win contests with so much talent among writers 🙂 But your comment is encouraging, and I hope to reach more readers with each new book. Right now I’m writing a sequel to PAL and planning a PAL trilogy (while making sure that each book in the series can be read on its own).


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