“I like the search, the constant tearing apart of landmarks.”—Ciprian Istrate

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing Ciprian Istrate’s exhibition A’TOPIA at Galateca in downtown Bucharest. His portraits are arresting—which is no surprise given that he painted church murals for twenty years. Have a look for yourself! I could see speed, assurance, and “mirror eyes,” as the curator Iulia Gorneanu dubbed them, eyes which draw our attention in so many ways, and every time with a vigorous intensity which both pulls us in and keeps us at a distance as if in awe of their presence.

IMG_0413_ciprian istrate_portraits_galateca
Ciprian Istrate, A’TOPIA, Galateca

IMG_0451_ciprian istrate_two portraits_galateca
Bride in Times of War

IMG_0415_ciprian istrate_angel during war
Angel During War


4 thoughts on ““I like the search, the constant tearing apart of landmarks.”—Ciprian Istrate

  1. Mira Tudor, Thank you for sharing the Istrate exhibition with us. It helps with dimensions and impact to view the six together in the panoramic view. Is that camouflage around the face of the Angel during War? It looks like peacock feathers on the forehead of the Bride in Times of War. Would they have some symbolic meaning in Romanian culture in general or in the artist’s home region in particular?

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  2. Hi Derdriu, the Bride seems to wear a crown of twigs and leaves. The Angel seems to wear camouflage, yes. (Sorry for the late response! I missed some comments when they were posted!)


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