Betsy Eby, Musical Textures in Space

An interview with Betsy Eby, a pianist and painter who works in the encaustic style, with pigments mixed with liquid wax and dammar resin. From IKONESS.

NB February 25, 2021: The links in the reblogged post that appears below don’t seem to work anymore. Here’s a link to Betsy Eby’s website.


In her paintings, Betsy Eby fuses the line between the musical and the visual composition. A classically trained pianist, she seeks in her work what Rothko described as “the place where music lives.” The layers and gestures of her paintings evoke musical spaces and rhythms while drawing on patterns found in nature. From her early childhood, musical and natural rhythms blended in Eby’s sensibility. She spent her first years of life in a small town on the Oregon coast, practicing at the family piano by the age of five. Today her work reveals that interconnected sensitivity: her delicate, organic compositions become synesthesias of sound and image.

Painting with Fire features the artist’s recent paintings that utilize the technique of encaustic, which means “to burn.” The process is an ancient one by which layers of pigments, sap, and wax are fused together by the flame of a torch. Eby has slowly…

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2 thoughts on “Betsy Eby, Musical Textures in Space

  1. Mira Tudor, The link to the original article does not work. But I looked at everything an internet search brought up on the first page. On the Betsy Eby website, I like the two rightmost interpretations of “Painting with Fire.”
    Is there any Romanian artist who is a synesthete?

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  2. Yes, the link doesn’t work anymore. Sorry about that. I’ll make a mention of it and link to Betsy Eby’s website. Thank you.

    I am not aware of any Romanian artists who had synesthesia—only that Symbolist writers cultivated the artistic technique by the same name.


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