Cut-Paper Curiosities by Elsa Mora

Paper sculptures and botanical illustrations from Cuban artist Elsa Mora


©Elsa Mora ©Elsa Mora

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3 thoughts on “Cut-Paper Curiosities by Elsa Mora

  1. Mira Tudor, Oh, I’ve learned a word from the message above: re-blogging! I catch influences from Frida Kahlo in the arrangements of some of the components of the sample artworks available through an internet search. Elsa Mora indicates on her website that “Thematically, I’m interested in studying the intricacies of the human brain, the wonders that it can produce and its potential for destruction and chaos.” What will the recent discovery of the area that may be responsible for consciousness inspire in her art?

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  2. I didn’t find that whole statement on her website—only the part with the intricacies of the human brain. I imagine most artists are intrigued by how brains work, and then she also has an autistic son. As for any brain area responsible for consciousness, I’m skeptical that consciousness can be relegated to only one such area.


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