Daniela Donțu’s Portraits

I saw two portraits by Daniela Donțu at Elite Art Gallery a few days ago, and was quite struck by her technique and aesthetic. Here’s Stări (1) / States [of Mind] (1) and Gânduri / Thoughts.

Daniela Dontu, States [of Mind] (1), at Elite Art Center
Daniela Donțu, Stări (1) / States [of Mind] (1)
Daniela Dontu, Thoughts, at Elite Art Center in Bucharest
Daniela Donțu, Gânduri / Thoughts

For some reason I couldn’t identify right away, I found these paintings mesmerizing. It took some photographing of old photos to realize what has drawn me to Donțu’s work, States [of Mind] (1) in particular. It’s the way the fluid handling of paint creates the suggestion of reflection-filled layers, as if you were looking at the man through a series of windows—or veils of affective memory.


5 thoughts on “Daniela Donțu’s Portraits

  1. Mira, Thank you for the images and information. The two portraits also, speaking practically and realistically, make me think of seeing someone through old thick glass or the rain.

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  2. Mira Tudor, Thank you for the images, information and interpretations. My previous visit’s comment must not have taken. But I remember mulling over the foggy, misty, watery view of the man’s enigmatic features. What would you think of it, practically speaking, suggesting the sudden looks of someone on either side of a building window with a sudden clearing of a rainstorm or of a car window with a swiftly similar clearing of the windshield by a windshield wiper?

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